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The Eye Examination

Having the eyes and sight checked can be, for some people, a chore. However, it is so important for every person to make the best use of their eyesight. At David Hillel the experience is pleasant and enjoyable, yet thorough and careful; interesting and enlightening. You only have one pair of eyes. They deserve the best attention, and at a reasonable price, but it should not be a testing time.

A person who books in for a checkup at David Hillel is given individual consideration. Instead of a one-size-fits-all "eye test", the appointment is tailored to each person's requirements. Therefore, before examining the eyes, David or Seema will talk with you to make clear and understand the reasons for the visit and how best to achieve the desired result which differs so much between individuals.

At David Hillel, new, advanced and computerised equipment is used to examine the health of the eyes and maximise the sharpness and strength of the sight. Traditional techniques are also employed where skill and experience with them gives the best result. The coordination of the eyes, their focussing and their muscles' correct functioning are all measured and recorded carefully.

The whole appointment takes around thirty minutes, in comfort. The quality of the sight is professionally assessed and the results always explained and fully discussed to find the best way forward. Incidentally, children's eyes can be checked at any age because our methods are adapted to suit the person easily and the ability to read is not necessary at all. We ask that people under 16 arrive with an adult.

This is paid for by the NHS in many cases. In many other cases, the NHS helps pay for the cost of spectacles or contact lenses. For details, click here.

The purpose of the eye examination is to make the most of the sight, maintaining and preserving the comfort and efficiency of the eyes and relieving any problems associated with them: but if you simply feel that it's time for a new pair of specs, that's a good enough reason to have a proper checkup!

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