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Sight is such a precious sense. We often take our eyesight for granted, and sometimes even accept deterioration as natural when the eyes can actually be improved and protected through professional optical advice.

Our job is to help you to see the best that you can, to preserve and maintain your sight for life, to keep your eyes working comfortably, and to ease any problems and medical concerns with them. 


The Eye Test


The first step  is to book in for a check-up, which takes 15 to 45 minutes and is often paid for by the NHS. The reception staff will let you know how much the NHS can help you to see better.

The check-up itself is comfortable and often an enjoyable experience for people of any age, even babies and toddlers. The ability to read letters is not necessary, so if you know someone whose English is not good, tell them it's not a problem for our practice.

peep oAt your appointment, individual requirements (they're different for everyone) are discussed, so that each person receives the best possible attention. Then the eyesight is measured with care and the eyes are looked at thoroughly, even deep within, using a high standard of modern, safe equipment.

At our practice specialisms include complex and unusual work, computer vision, contact lens possibilities, vision research and special low vision help.

Finally, the optician will tell you about the results and decide with you what would be best for your eyes. Enjoy better vision!

So, if you've been meaning to check the health of your eyes and haven't got around to it, this could be the time and place.




We welcome students!  under age 40, showing the current full-time UK student card and if not covered by the NHS:  15% discount for students, on the above prices and on all complete specs


Your Appointment

Nick, measuring

NHS Consultation (up to 30 mins)  Free to the patient.

Full Consultation (up to 40 mins)   £36.00*  includes important aspects not covered by the NHS 

Contact Lenses (up to 40 mins)    £55.00*  if no contacts before - inc consultation, fitting, tuition, six months' aftercare

Update Contacts(up to 40 mins)  £48.00*   if last fitted elsewhere - inc consultation, any refitting, six months' aftercare

Review contacts (up to 30 mins)   £42.00*  if the contacts were fitted here:  includes as above

* NHS?  Deduct £21.00


Contact lens review (up to 20 mins) £26.00   if the contacts were fitted here:  may include refitting


Additional services

Further Investigation (up to 30 mins)                   £28.00  20 to 30 mins:  for example, full analysis and management of dry eye
Special Analysis (up to 20 mins)                          £18.00  10 to 20 mins:  examples may include visual fields, dilation, OCT review, keratography 
Mini-checkup (up to 10 mins)                                £10.00   to help with a specific problem when its cause is known
Colorimetry, dyslexia or tearduct management  £44.00  or other specialist work that can take up to 40 mins

Contact lens setup and tuition (up to 30 mins)    £25.00  for lenses that were not fitted here. 
Review prescriptions made elsewhere:  free if in a consultation, otherwise £12.00 (£15 if more than two pairs or contact lens analysis).

Charges for writing letters or providing certificates:  please enquire.