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Our Products

We'd like to show you more than pictures of models wearing specs.  It's best to come and see the beauty, variety and good value of our frames. They are selected with care from the current season's production, include many designer names and represent the best available.  Come in and browse!

Every prescription can be made in a variety of lens forms. Our spectacle lenses are selected to give the best vision, safety, appearance, comfort and service for each individual wearer.  We are independent and unrestricted to find and supply the most suitable specs for your eyes and budget.



Our Prices

The price on each frame includes a wide range of prescription lenses (multicoated stock single vision in standard CR39 optical plastic material) and a solid case.  Complex and special lenses may cost extra and full advice is readily available. For additional complete spectacles to the same prescription we give 20% discount.

Spectacles from our Basic range with basic CR39 lenses are only £44, and two for £78.  If covered by the NHS they are free, even including some bifocals.  Full details are available at Reception.

Frame only:  deduct £36 from the price ticket, and the Basic range are just £14 each.


Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, or would like to wear them, at David Hillel all of the many different lenses available are fitted and checked with care.  There are so many types of contact lenses so just about everyone can enjoy good vision all day with well fitted lenses safely and in comfort. 

Different types of lenses suit different people so David will discuss different lens types with you to select the most suitable.  Professional guidance on choosing and using contacts is routine.  If you have not worn contact lenses before but would like to, we help you to get started as easily as possible.

With advanced contact lens qualifications, and many years' experience, David is the "contact contact" for NHS secondary care covering two London boroughs.  Any special lenses which may be clinically required are available here.  

Lens prices are surprisingly low, often similar to internet supplier prices.


Lens supply per month of full-time wear for both eyes

Price Level                          Daily Disposable                               Other Disposable                                   Custom

                                            (selected most often)                            (usually monthlies)                                   (for special requirements)

Level 1                                  £15.00                                                   £5.00                                                     £90.00 lasting about a year

Level 2                                  £25.00                                                   £10.00                                                   £130.00 “              “

Level 3                                  £40.00                                                   £20.00                                                   £180.00 “              “

Level 4                                  £65.00                                                   £30.00                                                   £240.00 “              “

Level 5                                    -                                                            £40.00                                                   £360.00 “              “

These prices may all be reduced by NHS optical prescription Vouchers which are available, here, for some people. Please ask at Reception to find if you are eligible for this.

We take great care to give the best value for everyone in all our clinical, technical and retail work for eyes and vision.